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Golden & Red Labrador Puppies In Green Field with Trainer

Specialist Dog Training Services and Expert Advice

We Guarantee Remarkable Results 

Contact Brockwell Gundogs in Consett today to find out more information on our bespoke dog training programmes.

Dog Training Services at Brockwell Gundogs.

At Brockwell Gundogs our aim is unlock your Gundog's true potential with our professional dog training services and expert advice. 
Based in Consett, our team of experienced trainers combines expert knowledge with a passion for working with Gundogs, ensuring that training programmes are tailored specifically to each dog's needs.

Not sure which of our dog training services would be best for you and your dog or looking for further advice on purchasing a Pedigree dog? We’re here to help!

Enjoy a well trained dog

Do you want to ensure that your Gundog is as obedient and reliable as they can be? At Brockwell Gundogs, we understand the value of a well-trained working dog and home pet. We're here to share our expertise with you. We provide residential training tailored to client requirements.

Springer Spaniel Sat in English Countryside at Sunset
2 golden young Labradors and 2 black young Labradors sat to attending in kennel courtyard

Dog Behaviour Specialists

We can handle any of the following issues with your dog:

  • Jumping Up

  • Not walking to heel, pulling on the lead

  • Not coming back (no recall with or without a ball)

  • Aggression towards other dogs

  • Over excitement

  • Refuses to sit and stay

  • Chases birds

  • Ignores you

  • Wanders off on a scent and doesn’t return

Gundog training from novice to trail

Brockwell Gundogs can train your working dog from beating to picking up and to trial standard on a residential basis.

Black Cocker Spaniel retrieving toy in long grass

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Brown and White Cocker Spaniel Sat in Autumn Foliage
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